Gift Certificate (Electronic)


1) Choose an amount from those listed below or enter your own amount.

2) Enter the recipient's email and customize your message.

3) Set the delivery date (optional) of the Gift Certificate by clicking the box next to “postpone delivery” and choose a date.

Your gift card

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1. Select the style of the gift card

2. Add the information for the gift card

Add recipient


Send an electronic gift certificate to anyone you wish! Either select a pre-determined amount from those amounts listed or enter your own amount you wish to send.

Customize the message and add the recipient’s email. You can even set the delivery of your Gift Certificate for a later date if you choose. (Example: Purchase it today and don’t have the system deliver it until December 25th).  To “postpone” the delivery to a later date, simply select the checkbox next to “postpone” on the page and then click in the box provided (a calendar will popup for you to choose the date you wish to have the Gift Certificate emailed to your recipient.)

Gift certificates can be used for personal training sessions with Barbara. They are for 60 minutes. Gift certificates are non-refundable.